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Transportation services on first-class cars with experienced drivers

Taxi Aktiv Köln provides transportation services in and around Cologne. We want our customers to come back to us again and again after each trip. Comfortable, predictable trips to any point in Cologne, in the cozy salons of our cars – this is the goal we have been working on every day for more than 25 years.

Taxi Aktiv can be your reliable partner no matter where you are or where you are heading. The availability of drivers with a medical travel license at Taxi Aktiv will allow you to take care of your family and friends and, if necessary, take them to a medical institution.

Modern technologies will allow you to track the movement of the driver, so you can book a trip to school for your children and know that they are safe. Regardless of the trip, you will not think about driving, but prepare for really important events.

Over the years of work, Taxi Aktiv Köln has formed a clear idea of what should be in a quality trip. The main character for us is the client – what he says goes.

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Taxi Aktiv Köln is the leader in the passenger transport market of Cologne. This is the result of our hard work in a competitive market, where each trip is extremely important. A satisfied client who would come back to us again has been our goal from the very first day of our work.

An exclusive approach has allowed us to create a high level of reputation. Mostly this was achieved thanks to the regular update of our fleet, the organization of professional growth opportunities for our employees – drivers, dispatchers and managers and finally, thanks to our passionate dedication.

To date, we have completed the modernization of our central office and carried out a comprehensive digitalization of our entire infrastructure. This allowed us to expand the range of services, in particular, we began implementing bus transfers from the airport to the center of Cologne. This will open up the possibility of conducting comprehensive tourist excursions, and for the Cologners – the opportunity to quickly and comfortably return home after the flight.

The fact that our service was used by over 68 thousand customers in 2019 is the proof of trust from our customers and is the indicator of a good reputation. For us it is an opportunity to develop and improve every day.


The quality of a trip mostly depends on the driver. Therefore, Taxi Aktiv Köln pays great attention to their professional development.

Professionalism for us is not just the ability to drive a car and the presence of category D1, but a whole range of skills that are developed and regularly tested at specialized training in the head office under the personal supervision of the director of the company…

What does training include?

Training of attention on the road, checking knowledge of traffic rules? Not only this. An important part of the professional training of our drivers is the training on how to behave with the client, to be confidential, intelligent. Next – test of knowledge of road signs and the ability to work with equipment, in particular with digital maps. Finally, an intellectual driving training in order to ensure a soft, comfortable and safe ride for the client.

The fleet of Taxi Aktiv Köln cars is represented by models from Mersedes-Benz, which regularly undergo technical condition monitoring.

We monitor and, if necessary, replace auto parts with new ones, which ensures stable high driving properties, and in some cases helps to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. Regardless of the results of technical control, every few years we carry out a complete replacement of the fleet of cars in order to become even better.

Digitalization of our service infrastructure, gave us the opportunity to control the movement of drivers on the GPS tracker.

Moreover, we provide such an opportunity to our customers. At the beginning of the trip, the client receives SMS information with a link to the map and the route of the vehicle. The client will be able to track the movement of his loved ones in real time.

Caring for the environment for us is not just slogans, but responsibility towards the future generation.

Control is carried out here too. In particular, a small part from the amount of the trip is transferred to the eco-fund of the company, thanks to which we organize the green planting campaign twice a year – in spring and autumn. Thus, the oxygen used by our cars is returned back to the atmosphere.

Ecology is part of our policy and we encourage everyone to follow this principle.


We are always ready to come after you, no matter where in Cologne you are. Taxi Aktiv Köln is ready to provide a quick comfortable trip to the desired destination 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. A large number of different booking channels, from a phone call to a reservation through the Taxi Aktiv app, will provide quick order processing, timely car delivery and a comfortable ride.

You can always count on your questions to be addressed and processed. The rating system will allow you to rate the performance of the driver and service. A high rating will allow the driver to get good and profitable bonuses. Therefore, he has the motivation to implement every trip at the highest quality level.

Professional development and training of drivers

Taxi Aktiv Köln pays great attention to the professional growth of the drivers. This is matching our goal of self-improvement and the desire to be better.

First of all, we created a full-fledged education and training program in the head office of Taxi Aktiv Köln, under the personal supervision of the director of the company, so that you receive first-class service.

How does this system work?

Training for the employees of the company takes place every 6-12 months. Within the site there is a separate section for working with drivers. It contains several types of work, and, on the one hand, it involves checking the driver’s knowledge of the rules of the road, and on the other hand, training on the development of personal communication with the client, understanding his psychology, and proper interaction during the trip.

In addition to theoretical discussions, a practical part for the driver is also provided. Correct driving doesn’t just mean compliance with traffic rules, the art of managing the capabilities of the car so that the client is comfortable is also important. Training of smooth acceleration and deceleration, music, climate control, etc – all this is considered by us.

Taxi Aktiv Köln is improving every day to provide you with the best comfort.


The software which we use will help you safely book a trip in just a few clicks.

In order for you to easily and quickly order a car, we have an ecosystem of software. The developed multifunctional dispatch software allows us to process your order in jig time. A powerful map module allows to calculate the most optimal trip route to avoid traffic jams and other road obstacles. A convenient client app makes it easy for you to book a trip, indicate special requests (for example, for a medical trip). Subsequent orders will be even easier and faster, and will also bring you bonuses that can be used in prize trips.

In addition, the software will allow you to track the movement of the car in real time, even if you have not installed the client app. When the car arrives at point A, you will receive an SMS with a link to the map on which you can see where the car is. Did you send the child to school by car? You can be calm and confident in the safety of the trip, making sure that the driver follows the correct route.