Caring for the future

The managers and employees at Taxi Aktiv Köln strive to be leaders not only in the market of chauffeur-and- limousine services, we feel responsible for future generations and therefore contribute in the fight against carbon dioxide.


The “Environmental Integrity” program

Thanks to digitalization, we have reduced the number of wasted kilometers and CO2 emissions. But this is not enough to pay the debt to nature, because carbon dioxide must be converted back into oxygen. Therefore, the “Environmental Integrity” program was launched at Taxi Aktiv Köln. Part of our income is used to buy and plant new trees in the Cologne region. We spend 2 cents on every kilometer our cars drive, buy seedlings of trees and plant them in the ground twice a year.

Why is it important?

Our team is driven by the understanding that comfort in small things is not only about the quality of travel. We understand that comfort lies in what we breathe and where we and our children walk. Finally, the future of our planet is important for us, so we need to properly respond to climate change.

Taxi Aktiv Köln is a regional company, but we are ready to do our bit in solving global problems. We believe that a small effort on the part of everyone can radically change the world for the better.

Cooperation proposals

We are open to cooperation with other companies that share our ideas. Do you have ideas and suggestions for cooperation? Contact us via form on the website or write a letter. And let this be the beginning of a good story!