Chauffeur-and-limousine service

Nearly 30 years of efficient work in Cologne and the North Westphalia region has earned an impeccable reputation for Taxi Aktiv Köln. Travel safety, reliability and the conviction that you can get more from the trip – these are the qualities that we have been striving for and continue to strive for in our activities.

We accompany our customers on many occasions. You can go to important negotiations, to a business conference, order to take the children to school or go for a planned clinical examination thanks to the medical travel service. We are ready to be your perfect partner.

With us you can always be sure of a high level of support and that during the trip you can work and think over the scenario of an important meeting with your partners. You always know in how many minutes the car will arrive.

Taxi Aktiv Köln operates throughout Cologne and the region. Wherever you are, we will always come and take you where you need to.

What do we specialize in?

  • VIP trips
  • Medical trips
  • Transfer to and from the airport
  • Transfer to and from school
  • Transport for wedding events
  • Courier delivery

What distinguishes us?

High discreteness. We will take you from anywhere in Cologne as soon as possible.

Reliable drivers. All our drivers are certified and regularly undergo training and recertification at the head office under the supervision of the service director.

First-class inside-car-service. Do you need a mobile office? Or do you want to relax with your favorite music? All this is available with us.

Chauffeur service

Sometimes there might be such situations when you need to think about what to say at the upcoming meeting while on the road. Imagine that you drive the car yourself. At such moments you are in the multitask mode. You do not feel the effectiveness of such stressful activities? Do you have concerns about the road and you do not want to be distracted by it?

For such cases, we provide a driver service.

Our professionally trained drivers are ready at any time to get behind the wheel of your car and take care of driving and delivering you from point A to point B. They will deliver you with the greatest comfort, during which you will not have to think about the road, but will reflect on upcoming matters and upon arrival – to realize everything as you want.

You need to get to your doctor, but you have unstable blood pressure? You do not need to worry about the road. Our driver will quickly, promptly and comfortably deliver you to your doctor. On top of that, it will be covered by your medical insurance.

What kind of trips are implemented by our drivers?

  • Private trips
  • VIP trips
  • Business trips
  • Medical trips

Why us?

Our chauffeurs work for you 24/7/365. They are ready to take you to any meetings, while you can gather your thoughts for the negotiations.

All drivers undergo training and regular recertification at the head office of Taxi Aktiv Köln, under the personal supervision of the director of the service.