Women drivers

When ordering at Taxi Aktiv Köln you can also indicate in your wishes that the driver should be a woman. This service is integrated into all other services from the company, namely transfer, medical trips, children accompanying, limousine service, driver service, etc.

Taxi Aktiv Köln offers more!

If you want to send your child to school, then it is quite possible that you worry about his safety. Worrying is a natural feeling and in order to supress it, we offer to send your children to school with a female driver.

You can also order a “female taxi” at any time, for your spouse or daughter. The option “taxi with a female driver” is appreciated by many female passengers. Do you feel safer with a woman driver? Perhaps you want better communication with her? Or do you want to secure trips at night? Or maybe you think that a woman will be the best driver for your car?

All these reasons remain with you!

Taxi Aktiv Köln will just fulfill your wish.

Select the option with a female driver when ordering and get the most with Taxi Aktiv Köln.